Ali Paşa Konağı Hotel is a monument of splendor in the middle of the Taurus Mountains' flora covered with its unique natural beauties. While you enjoy your meal in our restaurant, you can take a long look at the nostalgia of the interior decoration with Ottoman architecture. You can stay comfortably in our spacious rooms, which are cleaned carefully and hygienically after each departing guest and proudly presented to our new guests. In winter, you can come to our hotel for hunting tourism and sip our quality wines with great pleasure in front of the fire that burns by our fireplace. On our comfortable cushions, you can watch plenty of TV on the giant screen, feeling the depths of history, whether you sit or lie down.

In a special corner of our hall, you can have your business meetings with your guests whom you value very much. You can sip all the drinks you are looking for in our bar with your favorite friends, either hot or cold, satisfying your taste buds. You can sleep soundly at night in our all wooden salamanders that we brought from the high mountains of the Eastern Black Sea Region.

By savoring our local dishes cooked with genuine olive oil, you can smell the unique flavor of our salads made with vegetables taken from the natural environment. If you want to get rid of your excess weight and make your body look more beautiful, you can sweat beads in our sauna.

If you want to get out of the sauna and cool off, you can leave yourself cool like a swan in the bubbling waters of our jacuzzi. We have prepared a wonderful program at Emiraşıklar to embrace nature, to move a lot in an isolated environment in the open air, to try a new sport and meet our horses during your holiday.

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